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Flexible, Printable, Safe Batteries for Wearables & IoT

Pyrolux membrane/separator

  • Flexible but mechanically stable

  • Thermally Stable ~180 °C;

  • Battery demonstrated up to 120 °C

  • Not Flammable – inherently stable

  • Stop dendritic growth à mitigates failure mechanism, longer life & safer


Photo Credit: Jonathan Loh and Qayyah Moynihan


Photo Credit: Jean Whitehead


  • Fabricated by Direct write additive manufacturing

  • Effective method to create complex, multifunctional structures

  • No change in battery performance even the battery is flexed or creased hundred of times – Conformal

  • Use of high-capacity cathodes and anodes for high volumetric & gravimetric efficiency

  • Materials Agnostic manufacturing approach offers flexibility and reduces risks.

  • Bendable, Flexible, Creasible – Robust & can handle extreme stresses

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